Partner Dance / Chor: Jane Hendrikse

Couple Dance / Partnerdance

Choreografie: Jane Hendrikse

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Naam dans
A Goodhearted Woman

An American Dream

Black velvet

Calm After The Storm For 2

Crazy Honky Tonk for 2

Dance with buffalo John

Easy To A Fool

Free As 2 Birds

Goodbye sam, hello samantha

Hey Nah Neh Nah

I Cry

I Love You

If I Needed You

In The Middle of the night

It’s Alright

Jamboree On The Mountain

Quando For 2

Right into my Life

Tango Rhythm For 2

The Only Love

Things That Happend


Green Grass Of Home

What made you say that

You can have him

Swing With Buck

Dance with the one

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